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1. Xircles - Groups, Organizations or Businesses
Connect with your favorite local shops and restaurants that you "Like" that are in your local area.  You will be able to stay in the loop with what's going on with the Xircle and get notifications on special deals.
2. Local Editors - Real People
We hire local editors who know what's happening in your local community. They feature different xircles everyday with blogs about their experiences along with pics and videos. Our members will be able to communicate with us through REAL people.  For businesses, it's like having your personal marketing expert!
3. Friends - Locals Only
You can only be "friends" with people in the same local network so you only view the local activity in your area. You will see how members are interacting with your favorite xircles and get introduced to new xircles that your friends "Like."
4. Likes - Collective Interest
Connect and track the social activities of all the Xircles that you "Like"  You can check out what your friends "Like" and get introduced to different Xircles in your area.
5. Deals - Local Daily Deals
Get notifications on special deals from your Local Editors for the Xircles that you "Like" when we feature them. You and your friends who "Like" the same Xircle can get together to take advantage of huge deals with collective buying power.
6. Calendar - By Local Editors
View a calendar of featured Xircles throughout the year! You can get introduced to new Xircles that you might not have known about and look at any future Xircles that will be featured.